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The history of Hannah

Hannah was educated in England, the Netherlands and Norway, studying English at Leicester University.

Hannah started her career working in marketing, then went on to run a successful design group where she combined creativity with management skills. 

Her passion for illustration and painting developed into her working with a range of publishers on the projects you see here on her website.

You'll see from browsing the website that Hannah's work demonstrates her skill in using all kinds of traditional media as well as the latest digital techniques to achieve the most exciting result.

It's reassuring to know that Hannah's expertise and experience will help your commission to be completed much less stressfully than you may be used to.

How Hannah can help

If you would like Hannah to help you in your next publishing project either fill out the form below or ring her on 01 664 454 414. 

Her business background means she understands the problems of budgets and deadlines - and isn't frightened by either of them.

Hannah Wood

7a Owston Road, Knossington, nr Oakham, Leicestershire LE15 8LX
Tel: +44 (0) 1664 454179